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Alabama Bicycle Coalition

Alabama Bicycle Coalition

Vision: Our purpose is to work towards the following Vision:

  • Safe, confident and knowledgeable cyclists.
  • Competent and considerate motor vehicle drivers.
  • Restoration of the art and science of cycling as a recognized transportation choice.
  • Routine inclusion in transportation planning and engineering to allow safe bicycling for transportation to foster healthy lifestyles and communities.
  • Access to transportation is maintained for those who cannot or choose not to drive motor vehicles

Mission: The mission of AlaBike is to promote cycling access, education and safety and to advocate for safer road environments for all users.

AlaBike is passionate about increasing the number of safe, confident and knowledgeable cyclists in the State of Alabama.

AlaBike encourages the acceptance and adoption of bicycling in public opinion, facilities management, and policy.

AlaBike educates the public about cycling and walking as respectable forms of transportation. AlaBike believes that cycling is a viable means for improving traffic congestion, public health and the earth’s ecology.

AlaBike is a quality, performance, and integrity driven advocacy organization working in a cycling-friendly state.

AlaBike is a responsible steward of the resources granted to it and is fiscally, ethically, & environmentally responsible.

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