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Birmingham Area Mothers of Multiples

Birmingham Area Mothers of Multiples

BAMOM is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of moms with twins, triplets and higher order multiples in the metro Birmingham area. We provide information along with emotional, physical and financial support to our members while assisting other multiple moms through our various charitable gifts.

Each month we host a monthly meeting for our members. Topics of the meetings range from professional speakers, adult twin’s panel, to game night. This is a great opportunity to meet women who have many things in common with you. We have a range of opportunity where one can become involved with the club. Mom’s Night Out is a fun way to get out of the house and spend time with other moms at a restaurant, movie, comedy club, or any suggested place. The New and Expectant Mom’s brunch is usually held at a member’s home and topics of discussion include sleepless nights to managing two or more at a time. Toddler/Waddler Time and Playgroups, for older children, are held at a park, member’s home, library, or any appropriate fun place. The club also offers four family socials each year.

Some BAMOM members attend the Marvelous Multiples class at Brookwood Hospital. These members represent the club and answer questions for the class participants. Other members attend the UAB Outreach program and work closely with the social worker and expectant mothers of multiples to discuss topic of raising multiples.

As a paying member you will receive our weekly email, which is a great source o

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