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First World Gallery

First World Gallery

Fine Art Exhibitions from local artist

Cassandra Griffen McIntyre began her experience documenting moments through photography at the age of eleven. Cassandra, second in a family of eight found this challenging but great. Her parents were educators and gave each of their children an opportunity to explore what they considered creative interests. Hers was photography.

She had no formal training in photography and believes documenting family events and local school functions contributed to her development in the art form. Since then she cannot be seen without her Nikon F4.

Griffen McIntyre achieved two Master of Science degrees and used the knowledge gained to further her pursuit to protect the rights of the underserved and underrepresented. Her vast professional experiences fortified her desire to produce that special image which would expose the many disparities between whites and blacks in America. Accordingly, showing the many untrue stereotypes accepted as true for a particular group of people becomes a relevant tool for eliminating fear.

In July, 2002 an exhibit opened at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, titled: “Police Brutality in the United States.” As a solo exhibitor, she deemed this a major milestone. More than 10,000 individuals signed the guest book with comments, many of whom were archivists for many of the universities around the country.

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