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Mykel Coleman Studios

Mykel Coleman Studios

Mykel Coleman Studios seeks to be the leading brand of impeccable quality offering inevitable Theatrical, TV, and Motion
picture productions. We believe in giving opportunities to people who are passionate about their abilities as well as molding
individuals who is willing to have a positive work ethic to obtain growth.


  • The Brand is Our Orthodox: The Mykel Coleman Studios brand represents unique, prolific and inevitable productions that showcase quality, authenticity, value, aspiration, and distinctive creations. We treat each and every project that we write, create, and produce, advocate or engage in with top priority. Which, reflects the attribute of the brand.
  • Customer Satisfaction is Inevitable: Our responsibility to our customers is for impeccable service to ensure that their needs are always met. By treating every customer like guests in our own home, we seek to establish long-term relationships based on trust and guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Integrity is Our Way of Life: Our success is rooted in uncompromising devotion to honesty and fairness where our people, our business and our community are concerned. We stand behind our products, staking our name and reputation on everything that we create and produce.
  • Innovation Drives Winning Performance: We constantly challenge ourselves to be the very best we can in every aspect of our business. We strive to be a nimble and flexible organization committed to increasing consumer value.
  • Our Success Depends on Collaboration

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