Mar 11 2017
Sound Bath: Cleansing the Chakras for Spring

Sound Bath: Cleansing the Chakras for Spring

Presented by Birmingham Yoga at Birmingham Yoga

It’s time to cleanse the chakras as we prepare for Spring!

Quartz crystal bowls holds the vibration of white light which directly vibrates with our chakras when the bowls are played.

The pure tone of the quartz crystal bowls can re-pattern the energy field organization and influence cellular expression of wellness.

The gong works on the patterns of the brain taking us into a more relaxed state of mind. When the gong is played, the body, mind, and spirit change.

In this workshop, we will use the tones of the bowls and the gong to release the old energy as we awaken our chakras for Spring!

Meditations with the bowls will be experienced for deeper relaxation and healing.

Admission Info

Payment required – 25 early or $30 day of

Phone: 205-637-4228

Dates & Times

2017/03/11 - 2017/03/11

Location Info

Birmingham Yoga

605 37th Street S, Birmingham, AL 35222