Aug 23 2015
Sep 20 2015
Sermons for Skeptics

Sermons for Skeptics

Presented by Saint Junia United Methodist Church at Sidebar Café

At Saint Junia, part of our vision is to welcome all sinners, saints and skeptics. We recognize that too many people have been told to check their brains at the door, to leave behind their doubts and critical questions when they engage religious faith. 

But our critical questions help get us to the deep, important things of life. Without doubt, without curiosity, without critical thinking, faith is only a gutless, limp set of doctrines. 

This series is not designed to convince you of the truth of Christianity. It is meant to explore the deep questions of faith and dig into relevant parts of scripture and tradition, parts that are often ignored or minimized in church. 

Come hear sermons for skeptics—and bring your brain. You’re going to need it. 

August 23 – Sermons for Skeptics – The Gospels: Did Jesus Really Exist? 
August 30 – Creation: Did God Plan This? 
Sept 6 – The Devil: Is Satan Just an Excuse?
Sept 13 – The God Thing: Is God Real? 
Sept 20 – Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good? 

Admission Info

FREE. All Sinners, Saints and Skeptics Welcome!

Phone: 205-202-0680

Dates & Times

2015/08/23 - 2015/09/20

Location Info

Sidebar Café

2929 7th Ave South, Birmingham, AL 35233