Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Presented by Silver Linings,llc: A Sanctuary for the Healing Arts; Where Hope & Healing Unite at Silvertron Cafe

This is Traditional, Restorative Yoga; great for ALL levels. Do not assume "restorative" means "easy", nor assume if you are a beginner that this will be "hard". This class is based on the needs of the class, and individuals are provided adjustments and modifications to adapt their own practice.


At Silver Linings, we believe in what we do, so we strive to carry on the gift of teaching and healing to a world searching for wholeness. In our own lives, the rich blessing that comes from self-care and a dedicated yoga practice has further pressed us to share these blessings with others. Although making enough to provide for our families and cover the expenses required to keep the doors open is important, we are not called to this work for monetary gain, but truly CALLED to this work with a purpose. God has used Yoga as an outlet to save, transform, and heal us. Because of this, we feel moved to share this art, and carry on the tradition of teaching and empowering others.

This studio, also lovingly referred to as “The Sanctuary”, attracts and serves a BROAD RANGE of individuals, including: those with special needs; “newbies”; pregnant women; seniors; those with physical limitations due to injury, handicaps, or chronic/debilitating pain and/or disease; those less fortunate who are unable to afford traditional class/studio fees; and MY personal favorite, those who are TERRIFIED of the spiritual insights and concepts they associate with yoga. Because we are dealing with said issues, it puts us in a position to work with many who are hesitant to begin such alternative arts due to: a lack of knowledge on the benefits and options available; those with a large amount of fear because of their own limiting beliefs; and ESPECIALLY those that are simply tapped out financially.

The core vision and desire for the “Sanctuary for the Healing Arts” has always been to represent the “hands and feet” of God to those seeking healing. Through generosity, acceptance, love and service, we minister to the broken-hearted, afflicted, and lost. That looks different to everyone, and means something to us all. Brokenness, poverty, and affliction move well-beyond a physical plane, and it is the SPIRIT we seek to nurture and cultivate here. We have set ourselves apart in OPENLY professing this belief system, and strive to be diligent in representing EXACTLY who we are, for it is the guiding force behind our work.

Silver Linings believes yoga should be accessible to ANYONE with a true desire to practice. We wish that NOONE walk away from knowing the gifts of this art due to their inability to afford it. Our economy is STILL suffering, people are STILL without work, and many have resigned to the despairing belief that there is NO HOPE, and NO OPTION for this type of practice to be a part of their lives. For this reason, in FEBRUARY 2014, Silver Linings became a “Donation Yoga Studio”. This does not affect the cost of Private Sessions, Massages, Specialty Classes, Events, and Workshops. But for “Standard Studio classes”, participants will be entitled to pay what they can afford.

*Classes are subject to change.

All cancelations can be found on FB/thesilversanctuary

Admission Info

participants will be entitled to pay what they can afford.

Dates & Times

2015/02/02 - 2015/12/14

Additional time info:

Classes are 1 hour and begin PROMPTLY. Please plan to arrive aprx. 15 early for your first class. All participants are required to complete an intake PRIOR to class. Props are available, but bring what you have if you have it.

Location Info

Silvertron Cafe

3813 Clairmont Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35222