Oct 24 2015
Experiential Group Therapy

Experiential Group Therapy

Presented by Andrea Mathews, LPC, LLC at Andrea Mathews, LPC, LLC

Experiential Group Therapy

Finding the Authentic Self

These intensive outpatient group therapy sessions can facilitate an awakening to the authentic Self that becomes foundational to all other growth beyond that awareness. This group will meet for one seven-hour day, including a one-hour lunch break and two other breaks (5.5 hours of group therapy), to get in touch with the Authentic Self.      

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Parameters of Group:

1)  Diagnostic parameters:  This group is not for the seriously mentally ill, or for those diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder or a Personality Disorder, which has not already received significant treatment through a DBT program.  It is not for those who are actively suicidal/homicidal.

2)  All group members must first be screened through an assessment session with the group provider, who will make the final decision regarding readiness for this group.   

3) There will be no more than eight (8) participants in the group.

 Benefits to the Referring Therapist:

After your client attends this group, the referring therapist will receive a report on some specific follow-up work that you can facilitate with your client to continue the work they have started. 

The referring therapist may also seek consultation/supervision with the providing therapist for your on-going care of your client. 

Benefits to your Client:

Your client will come back to therapy with you having obtained:

a working image of the authentic Self.
a working image of the role, mask and costume or identity (false self).
a method of dialoguing between the two that allows for continuing differentiation and integration to the wholeness of Self.
awareness of several of the mantras of the old identity.
awareness of several of the genuine messages of the authentic Self.


Sat., October 24, 2015, 10 am-5 pm

at the office of:

Andrea Mathews, LPC, PhD

2112 11th Ave. South, Suite 522 Birmingham, AL  35205

$299.00 per person + the cost of screening session ($100.00). Private pay only.  No Insurance.



Admission Info

Group Therapy for all day experiential group: $299.00 + $100.00 for Assessment for group

Phone: 205-328-0780

Email: andrea@andreamathews.com

Dates & Times

2015/10/24 - 2015/10/24

Additional time info:

The group will actually be less than 6 hours as there will be a one hour lunch break.

Location Info

Andrea Mathews, LPC, LLC

2112 11th Ave. South, Birmingham, AL 35205