Nov 25 2018
BAD FAMILIAR A Stand Up Comedy Hour By Matt Davis

BAD FAMILIAR A Stand Up Comedy Hour By Matt Davis

Presented by Saturn Birmingham at Saturn Birmingham


The sixty minute show follows the evolution of veteran performer Matt Davis’ ideas as they have developed while performing and traveling through over 250 cities across more than 40 countries. It’s a hilarious and fun evening of challenging ideas as Matt presents an outsider’s voice on topics from the grandiose to the banal. While joking about even the largely accepted norms of language, nationality, and global or regional customs, he interweaves laughable experiences with sobriety, censorship, and the dangers of relative social norms. 

It is a highly personal narrative where Davis is often playing the fool: a foil to his own ideas, the world-traveled performer offers up a studied cross-examination of his experiences; all with the single aim to dismiss, mock, and laugh-at the equation “familiar equals good.”

Dates & Times

2018/11/25 - 2018/11/25

Location Info

Saturn Birmingham

200 41st St South, Birmingham, AL 35222