May 07 2019
Aug 30 2019
Introduction to Flamenco Dance

Introduction to Flamenco Dance

Presented by MosaicoFlamenco at The Dance Foundation

No prior dance experience is required! Introduction to Flamenco is the ideal way to start dancing flamenco. Long time flamenco dancer Victoria will teach 1 hour classes introducing basic flamenco for students without prior dance experience. Classes will focus on strong footwork, upper body coordination, understanding flamenco music and compás (rhythmic/melodic patterns), and proper posture. We will begin to develop the muscle strength and dance skills necessary for flamenco dance.

The latter part of class will introduce the very popular Sevillanas. Prepare for the Feria! This regional dance of Seville is performed in schools, parties, weddings, bars, and of course the annual Spring Fair, the Feria. Danced in four short sections called coplas, Sevillanas are known for their charismatic, lively gracefulness. Each copla ends with a sudden stop as dancers strike a pose, inspiring the audience to shout ¡Olé! Beginners will learn basic steps and arm movements to the First Copla.

Admission Info

Tuition: $70/monthly STANDARD, $50/monthly STUDENT RATE

For More Information, please contact:

Julia Quijano, Director, MosaicoFlamenco OR

Victoria (Vicki) Langdon, Flamenco Dance Teacher, MosaicoFlamenco,


What should I wear to class?
Something comfortable! Women can begin with any comfortable shoes with sturdy, wide heels that are 1 1/2 to 3 inches high and hard soles (no platforms). Character shoes are a good, inexpensive option. A slightly full skirt is best. Men can wear fairly close fitting shirts and pants, and sturdy shoes or low boots with 1 to 1 1/2 inch heels.

Are classes open to men? Yes, everyone is welcome, regardless of gender. In fact, we need men!

Am I too old for flamenco?
Flamenco has something for everyone. No one is too old for dancing and it is never too late to start.

Do I need a partner for the class?
No, flamenco is traditionally danced solo. If there is a paired choreography, one of your fellow students will be happy to partner with you.


Phone: 205-335-8080

Dates & Times

2019/05/07 - 2019/08/30

Additional time info:

While not absolutely necessary, please arrive 10 minutes in advance to orient yourself and register.    Google or call the Dance Foundation at (205) 870-0073 for directions.

Location Info

The Dance Foundation

1715 27th Court South, Birmingham, AL 35209