Aug 24 2019
Southeastern Outings Moderately Strenuous Dayhike ...

Southeastern Outings Moderately Strenuous Dayhike ...

Presented by Southeastern Outings at Hayden/Corner Park and Ride is meeting place

We hope to see at least six waterfalls running on this outing if we are lucky.  Collier Creek is located in a heavily forested area with lots of hemlock trees.

Participants on this hike will be expected to be able and willing to walk at least 4 ½ miles off trail over rugged terrain including wading 2 miles in two creeks, portions of which may sometimes be knee deep, wear hiking boots and long pants to hike through the woods to and from the creek, and bring and wear old shorts or swim suit and wading shoes for the creek wade.  Sturdy foot protection you don’t mind getting wet and dirty is required to wade in the creeks.  Old sneakers work well.  Bare feet, flip-flops, loose slip-ons and thin-soled “beach shoes” are not acceptable!  Also please do bring a large plastic bag with twist tie or Ziploc in which to put your wet shoes and a hand towel to dry your feet before putting your socks and hiking boots back on for the walk out.  You are strongly encouraged to bring a hiking stick or hiking poles (preferably two of them) with you on this outing for use when you are wading in the creek.  The creek bottom is rocky and uneven.  Poles help you keep your balance and aid in preventing falls.  Also please bring a towel, your picnic lunch and at least a quart of drinking water.  Please come only if you are willing to get wet!

Enjoy an adventure.  Bring a friend.  Well-behaved, properly supervised children age 9 and over welcome.

Note-To view photos of what we will see on this trip, please click on this link:


Please be sure to click on the link and view the photographs.

After the outing we are planning to go to a restaurant for an optional dinner.  You can shower and change clothes at a campground a few miles from the restaurant.  If you would like to shower and/or clean up and have dinner with us at the restaurant, please bring a change of clothes for dinner and your shower things.  No charge to use the campground rest room just to wash up and change clothes.  If you wish to shower, please bring $2.00 exact change cash for shower fee and be sure you give your shower fee to the trip leader on August 24 to forward to the campground owner!.

Depart 8:30 a.m. from the Hayden/Corner Park and Ride or 9:00 a.m. from the Mile 300 Rest Area on I-65 just south of Cullman, Alabama.  Please note that the group will NOT be meeting at Double Springs at all on this outing.  This outing is in the eastern section of the Bankhead National Forest and not near Double Springs or the Sipsey Wilderness.

Info: Dan Frederick, or 205/631-4680



Hayden/Corner Park and Ride—171 State Highway 160, Warrior, AL 35180. Exit 284 off I-65 North, take right on AL 160 at end of exit ramp, immediate right on U.S. 31 and then enter fenced parking lot on right.


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Phone: 205-631-4680


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2019/08/24 - 2019/08/24

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Hayden/Corner Park and Ride is meeting place

171 State Highway 160, Warrior, AL 35180