Aug 17
Beginners Tarot 101 with the Wild Unknown Deck

Beginners Tarot 101 with the Wild Unknown Deck

Presented by Natural Forces Studio at Birmingham Yoga

Intuitive Tarot
Have you been working with the Oracles cards?
Ready to take what you know and step up to the Tarot?
Join us for Beginners Tarot 101 With The Wild Unknown Deck!

The Tarot can help you look for the hidden aspects. It can help you to project behaviors and actions to get you closer to your goals.

The Tarot can confirm your path and strengthen you confidence in your decisions.
It can help you to question your motives.

It can help you to validate your biggest hopes.
And it can become an anchor that helps to hold you in place.

Working with theTarot is a way to get back to yourself when everything around you feels like it’s slipping out of your grasp.

Admission Info

Class fee: $97

Cards not included.

Phone: 516-457-3885


Dates & Times

2019/08/17 - 2019/08/17

Location Info

Birmingham Yoga

605 37th Street S, Birmingham, AL 35222