Aug 08 2021
Lion's Gate Sound Healing Portal: August 8, 2021

Lion's Gate Sound Healing Portal: August 8, 2021

Presented by Unity of Birmingham at Unity of Birmingham

8/8 is an auspicious astrological alignment that happens to also fall on the Leo New Moon this year. On this day Earth aligns with the galactic center giving us a direct connection with the star Sirius. The ancient cultures considered Sirius our spiritual sun and marked this day as the beginning of a new year. It is understood that we can only ascend has high as we are deeply rooted. In addition to the Lion’s Gate, the New Moon in Leo intensifies the opportunity to heal the heart.

We will open with sharing an Egyptian hibiscus drink to connect us to the Earth, our spiritual sun and the heart center. After receiving the medicine of cacao you will be taken into meditation where we will connect through our 12 chakra system using the breath and the cosmic sounds held in crystal bowls, gong & Tibetan bowls. Tuning forks and singing bowls will be used directly in the individual field to relieve blockages and open the heart.

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2021/08/08 - 2021/08/08

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Unity of Birmingham

2803 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35205