Aug 02 2022
Not Your Mama’s Book Club: How to Find Your Spirit Guides

Not Your Mama’s Book Club: How to Find Your Spirit Guides

Presented by Homewood Public Library at Homewood Public Library

No book reading required, discussion group only. Wondering how to find your Spirit Guide? Spirit guides are said to be the entities that we choose (or that are assigned to us) before birth to aid our spiritual growth and transformation. We all need guidance, direction and support in life from guides that are beyond our own capabilities. Coming in contact with one of your spirit guides can mark a significant point of change, transformation, and rebirth in your life. A spirit guide can appear as an angel, animal, mythical creature, ancestor, ancient god or goddess, otherworldly entity, or interdimensional being. Spirit guides are archetypal forces or aspects of life which teach, warn, support, comfort, remind and reveal things that we need to learn about ourselves in order to grow. Join us as psychic Betsey Grady explores the world of Spirit Guides and our relationships with them. Register online at

Dates & Times

2022/08/02 - 2022/08/02

Location Info

Homewood Public Library

1721 Oxmoor Road , Homewood, AL 35209