Jun 28 2022
Birmingham Water - Our Life Sustaining Resource

Birmingham Water - Our Life Sustaining Resource

Presented by League of Women Voters of Greater Birmingham at Online/Virtual Space

Water is top of mind for all of us in the hot Alabama summer, but how often do we take for granted that life sustaining resource that flows so freely out of our tap? Where does it come from, who makes sure it is safe to use, and what are you paying for when you pay your water bill? Join us online for an informative discussion with Michael Johnson, General Manager of the Birmingham Water Works.

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Phone: 205 583-5000

Email: admin@lwvgb.org

Dates & Times

2022/06/28 - 2022/06/28

Additional time info:

Guests will be admitted from the waiting room shortly before 6:00 PM on June 28. Guests will be allowed to enter questions in the chat box for Mr. Johnson. We will try to address as many as possible to him.

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Online/Virtual Space