Sep 24 2022
Southeastern Outings Evening Walk on the Hillsboro Trail, Helena, Shelby County, Alabama

Southeastern Outings Evening Walk on the Hillsboro Trail, Helena, Shelby County, Alabama

Presented by Southeastern Outings at Helena Middle School Front Parking Lot is meeting place

This smooth trail is wide, paved and with only a few short hills.   On this particular walk you will be walking on a scenic trail which goes through mostly wooded terrain.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on your trail!  All road crossings are through three tunnels under the roads.  Note this is a relatively easy outing, one which should be lots of fun for everyone.  Well-behaved, carefully supervised children age seven and up able to walk four miles without complaining are welcome on this walk.

Note-To view photos of what we will see on this trip, please click on this link:


Please be sure to click on the link and view the photographs.

After the walk we’ll enjoy going together for frozen yogurt at Yogurt Mountain in Hoover.

Please meet at 6:45 p.m. in the front parking lot at the Helena Middle School and depart from that location at 7:00 p.m. to begin the walk.

Info: Dan Frederick, or phone 205/631-4680



Helena Middle School—1299 Hillsboro Parkway, Helena, AL 35080. From Hoover take I-459 towards Bessemer to exit #6, Morgan Road. Turn left onto Morgan Road/County Road 52 and go 6.5 miles on County Road 52. At traffic light there turn RIGHT onto Hillsboro Parkway (signed) to the Helena Middle School. This road is directly across Co. 52 from the well-marked and signed entrance to the Hillsboro Subdivision which is on the left of Co. Rd. 52. Drive 1.1 miles to the Helena Middle School. The road to the Helena Middle School is also the first right turn after you pass the Helena Intermediate School on the right on Co. 52.

In past instances when we have sponsored this particular hike, various people have stopped at the Helena Intermediate School parking lot on Morgan Road, Shelby County Route 52, looking for us without finding us there.  Please note that our meeting place is the parking lot for the Helena Middle School, It is NOT the parking lot at the Helena Intermediate School.  The Middle School is NOT on Morgan Road, Shelby County Route 52.  The Middle School is on Hillsboro Parkway and is 1.1 miles south of Morgan Road.  Please drive to the parking lot in front of the Helena Middle School if you want to find and hike with us on Saturday night

The driveway to the front of the school parking lot is the driveway off Hillsboro Parkway right at the center of the front of the school.  It is the second school drive you come to on the right off Hillsboro Parkway just after you pass through the traffic circle or roundabout on Hillsboro Parkway.  The first and third school driveways will route you around to the back of the school with no access to the FRONT parking lot.

Leader will place a Southeastern Outings sign at the intersection of Morgan Road and Hillsboro Parkway and another sign at the appropriate driveway on Hillsboro Parkway at the entrance to the driveway to the FRONT parking lot at the Helena Middle School.




Do you wish you had friends who share your active lifestyle and enjoyment of outdoor activities?  Then become active with Southeastern Outings (SEO), a nonprofit organization committed and created to serve people who enjoy being active in the outdoors.  The organization plans, organizes and leads outings such as dayhikes, easy kayak and canoe trips, stream and waterfall walks, bicycle rides, lake events and other fun activities to beautiful sites in our natural environment.  From time to time we also sponsor potluck suppers and other socials.  All events and activities of the group are open to the public.  Participating in SEO activities is a splendid, simple way to make congenial new friends who enjoy the outdoors.




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SEO does not charge for participation in any of its outings.  You do not have to be a member to participate in one or two SEO activities.  Dues are only $10 per family or household.  Please contact Dan Frederick, President, 205-631-4680, or for more information and to obtain three free monthly newsletters with membership application and a complete description of all our outdoor events.


Southeastern Outings now has a website.  Just go to to find announcements of all our upcoming outings scheduled plus some brief, general information about Southeastern Outings, a membership application and 1500 lovely photographs from most of our outings.


Thank you.

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Phone: 205-631-4680


Dates & Times

2022/09/24 - 2022/09/24

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After the walk we’ll enjoy going together for frozen yogurt at Yogurt Mountain in Hoover.

Location Info

Helena Middle School Front Parking Lot is meeting place

1299 Hillsboro Parkway, Helena, AL 35080