Oct 07 - 29 2016
Embrace: the Cyclops, the RE: percussion(ist), the...

Embrace: the Cyclops, the RE: percussion(ist), the...

Presented by East Lake Arts District at East Lake Theatre Art Annex

Embrace: the Cyclops, the RE: percussion(ist), the Revolutionist.  

Featuring multi-media, surrealist/outsider/street art by Lee Alan Possum Doss, Hunter Bell, and Ukuu Mubako Lumumba.
Exploring the human condition through ecclectic tactics including paintings, found-oject assemblages, funky fashion
and accesssories, as well as other means of expressions.

~Lee Alan Possum Doss: I am and always will be a student of the arts. I continue to explore and experiment with texture color and line expressing moods and political and societal observations.
~Hunter Bell: Shaman / pain-soaker, hate-hater, dream surfer, optimistic nihilist, not a man, but a mystery.
~Ukuu Mubako Lumumba: confirmation everywhere all the time…There is a door somewhere that will lead me to this place i having traveling. a place that is, was and will be all at the same time.Walking thruogh doors, and creativity is my skeleton key. i am not you, you are not me, but we are still we… bound by gravity, and the illusions of time.
I am a feeder of the crow. I am the crow.
(about being compelled to understand yourself, your life, the life around you… )

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Phone: 205-915-0474

Dates & Times

2016/10/07 - 2016/10/29

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East Lake Theatre Art Annex

7606 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35206