Birmingham Boys Choir

Birmingham Boys Choir




 10 Old Montgomery Hwy, Suite 240, Birmingham, AL 35209

The objective of the Birmingham Boys Choir is to encourage a life-long appreciation of the vital role which music and the arts play in the enrichment of our culture and the human spirit among members of the BBC, their families, audiences and the community at large.

The Birmingham Boys Choir seeks to accomplish this objective in the following

  • To identify talented boys in the greater Birmingham area and to provide an organization in which they can develop their gifts by teaching them the best possible vocal technique and music reading skills.
  • To develop character by reinforcing gentlemanly behavior, good manners, personal responsibility, positive time management, commitment, dedication and joy.
  •  To provide local, national and international audiences a unique musical experience of the boys choir sound at an excellent level of choral performance.
  • To develop generations of future leaders in the Birmingham community who fully appreciate the value of discipline, professionalism, integrity, team work and the importance of the arts in our culture.