Birmingham Music Club

Birmingham Music Club



 PO Box 10486, Birmingham, AL 35202

The Birmingham Music Club is the oldest concert presenter in Birmingham. It began in 1905 as a group of ladies who started bringing Classical Music artists to Birmingham and presenting them in concert. Originally known as the Birmingham Music Study Circle, the name was changed, in 1928, to the Birmingham Music Club. The Birmingham Music Club is not actually a club;it is actually a non-profit organization which proudly retains its historical name. As a cultural arts group, “Music Across the Generations” is our theme.

Today, the Birmingham Music Club not only presents concerts, but also produces high-quality musical performances that are entertaining and educational for the audience and the participating artists alike.

Our very popular Young People’s Concerts, created especially for elementary & middle-school age student field trips, is a prime example.  For each concert, “Maestro” Ron Bourdages explores an element of American Music, and brings it to life with an orchestra of talented local musicians and singers, of  various ages, and from a variety of genres.  So far, we’ve produced “Maestro Goes to the Movies”, I & II, “Maestro Goes to Motown”, and “Maestro Goes to Muscle Shoals”.  Plan now to join us this fall, on October 11, 2016, at the Samford University Wright Center, for “Maestro Goes to Broadway”!

Another example of “Music across the generations” is the series of Light-Operas we began producing in 2013 with “The Merry Widow”, continued in 2015 with “Desert Song”, and continue this year with “Die Fledermaus (The Bat)” on June 10-11-12, 2016 at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater.  Older audiences who are already familiar with these operettas relish not only seeing the fresh productions of them, but also being able to share them with the younger generations.

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