Andrea Mathews, LPC, LLC

Andrea Mathews, LPC, LLC


 2112 11th Ave. So, Suite 522, Birmingham, AL 35205

Andrea Mathews is a psychotherapist, a writer and a speaker whose unique brand of doing all three brings one central focus: Authenticity. For example, her consultations and executive coaching efforts assist upper managers with Authentic Leadership, and her Effective Communication presentations teach participants how to communicate from the Authentic Self. Her inspirational and motivational topics all direct participants to their own authenticity, so that they may find inner wings and learn to fly. Her books teach readers how to live authentically from both a psychological and spiritual base, and in her Psychotherapy practice she assists her clients in finding and living the Authentic Self.

She has over 24 years experience as a Professional Trainer and Motivational Speaker, having come from both a clinical and a management background. Commonly selected topics in Corporate Training include: Stress Management, Leadership Development (Authentic Leadership), Team Development, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication, Personality Types and Teams, Diversity Training, Talent Management and more—all designed to meet the needs of your organization. Commonly selected Motivational and Inspirational Topics include: Authentic Living, Authentic Relationships, Raising Your Flag, Living Your Dream, Metamorphosis, The Mystic Journey and more.

As an NBCC Approved Provider of Continuing Education, Andrea also provides a Home Study, entitled "The Soul of Therapy," for 21 contact hours and offers training in several different topics of Counselor Education.

With almost 30 years experience in the Mental Health/Human Services field providing and supervising others in the provision of therapy, Andrea Mathews provides therapy to adults and adolescents, families and couples,for a wide variety of diagnoses and issues, including supportive therapy for alternative relationships and GLBT issues.