Camp Smile-A-Mile

Camp Smile-A-Mile





 PO Box 550155, Birmingham, AL 35255

Camp Smile-A-Mile’s mission is to provide year round challenging, unforgettable recreational and educational experiences for young cancer patients, their families as well as young adult survivors from Alabama at no cost. Our purpose is to provide these patients, families and survivors with avenues for fellowship, to help them cope with their disease, and to prepare them for life after cancer.

With the creation of Camp Smile-A-Mile in 1985, these special children would be able to participate in a normal camping environment while remaining under medical supervision. Before Camp SAM, many children were not able to go to a sleepover camp because they were undergoing chemotherapy. Now every child up to age eighteen who is a current or former cancer patient can go to camp through our program. Qualified medical personnel from the Hematology-Oncology Department at The Children’s Hospital stay at the camp during each camping session. They administer chemotherapy as well as take care of all the first aid needs of the campers.

Camp Smile-A-Mile’s campsite is located at Children’s Harbor on beautiful Lake Martin. Children’s Harbor donates their facilities for all of Camp Smile-A-Mile’s Lake Martin Camps. For more information about Children’s Harbor go to

Since Camp SAM’s inception, our original goal and many others have been realized. Our programs have expanded to include year-round activities for juvenile cancer patients, their parents, their siblings and former childhood cancer patients. Camp SAM serves more than 400 children and young adults each year.

To provide funds for all of these programs, Camp SAM is involved in many fund raising activities throughout the year. We do not receive any funding from The United Way, the American Cancer Society or the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Camp SAM is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization which relies on individual and corporate giving for additional financial support.

With the help of many caring volunteer counselors, donors, board members and medical personnel, we have brightened the smiles of many children with cancer. We want all of our campers to go home with SMILES A MILE wide.