WordSpeak Literary Entertainment / We Are Rtists

WordSpeak Literary Entertainment / We Are Rtists

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WordSpeak was founded February 20th, 2004 in an attempt to continue with our views of the purpose of spoken word poetry and as an attempt to impede the pitfall of the over commercialization of the art. Not in anyway suggesting that the entertainment aspects of poetry be ignored, yet insisting that the focus remains on enlightening, informing, and uplifting the masses. WordSpeak is comprised of spoken word artists, writers, actors, playwrights, and individuals who identify with our goals and objectives and choose to assist in the accomplishment of those goals.

We Are Rtists is a collective of artists, artists groups, art enthusiasts and people that support/fund the arts. Our goal is to create a more cohesive community of artists in order increase publicity to the artistic events, educate artists to run business and to help supplement artists with donations in the form of capital and supplies.