Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council




 Birmingham City Hall - Third Floor, Office of the , 710 North 20th Street , Birmingham, AL 35203

 The Birmingham City Council is the legislative branch of Birmingham city government as defined by the Mayor-Council Act of the State of Alabama. All official actions must be approved by a majority vote of the Council during its regular meeting at 9:30 each Tuesday morning.

Birmingham City Council President
Roderick V. Royal, MPA
Phone: 205.254.2302
Representing District 9

Birmingham City Councilor
Pro Tempore
Steven W. Hoyt
Phone: 205.254.2304
Representing District 8

Birmingham City Councilor
Lashunda Scales
Phone: 205.254.2349
Representing District 1 

Birmingham City Councilor
Kim Rafferty
Phone: 205.254.2348
Representing District 2 

Birmingham City Councilor
Valerie A. Abbott
Phone: 205.254.2355
Representing District 3

Birmingham City Councilor
Maxine Herring Parker
Phone: 205.254.2464
Representing District 4 

Birmingham City Councilor
Johnathan Austin
Phone: 205.254.2678
Representing District 5

Birmingham City Councilor
Carole C. Smitherman
Phone: 205.254.2359
Representing District 6

Birmingham City Councilor
James "Jay" Roberson, Jr.
Phone: 205.254.2498
Representing District 7