Red Mountain Community School

Red Mountain Community School



 2507 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35205

Private K-12th Charlotte Mason School


We are a group of families, many living in the Birmingham city area, who desire to have our children learn together while introducing them to the vast store of knowledge and beauty awaiting them in this city and the world. Our school desires to come alongside parents, helping them in their educational efforts and hopes for their children. The distinctive philosophy of educator Charlotte Mason has shaped us from our inception. Her proven methodology based on the human need for respectful relationships, productive habits and inspiring ideas is becoming our own.

Birmingham has historically been a city of great divides, racially and socio-economically. The tumult of the 60’s was a direct result of this kind of polarization and rivalry. Our hope is to be a school that has an antidotal effect on postures like these. We are committed to keeping our school in the city. We currently meet at First Lutheran Church on historic Highland Avenue.

RMCS opened its doors for the first time in August 2005 to 9 students in grades 1-3. We now have over 30 students in grades K-8th. Our plan is to begin a High School Cooperative in the Fall of 2010.

RMCS is a member of Childlight Schools and ChildlightUSA.