SPAFER / Southern Progressive Alliance for Explori...

SPAFER / Southern Progressive Alliance for Explori...



 P. O. Box 130267, Birmingham, AL 35213

SPAFER is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that was formed in 2000 by Ken Forbes, Burdett Wantland, and several others from Birmingham who, following informal conversations at a Jesus Seminar, felt the need to have a forum in the Mid-South to discuss and explore religious questions and issues that orthodoxy does not seem to address. SPAFER is composed of a group of individuals in the Mid-South area who enjoy meeting periodically and discussing religious issues in a free and respectful atmosphere. SPAFER also sponsors speakers who provide different and stimulating insights into religious questions. Each spring and fall SPAFER hosts a weekend lecture series featuring nationally recognized speakers from various fields and backgrounds of religious inquiry. A list of past speakers can be found here. In addition, smaller groups meet on regular monthly bases to discuss topics of interest. Information about these groups, called RoadHouse meetings, can be found here.