The Poetic Art Press

The Poetic Art Press



 Ste 401 , Birmingham, AL 35206

A Publishing House geared toward helping first time authors.

The main driving force behind the creation of the Po’Art Press was her desire to work with new, undiscovered writers. Realizing how complicated the publishing world can be, especially to Poets and new writers, she wanted to develop a Publishing House that would welcome work from unpublished writers. With many of the larger Publishers, talent may sometimes get overlooked. The Po’Art Press prides itself on its attention given to the new author who needs guidance and development. The overall goal is to assist writers in following their dreams of becoming published writers and Unleashing The Writer Within.

The Po’Art Press prints titles in all genres, including poetry, fiction, spirituality, ethnic, romance, how-to-books etc. We publish books for customers all over the world. Services and products we offer are of high quality and are produced by a highly skilled staff.