330 La Rue Finis, Leesburg, AL 35983

Our mission is to feed as many as we can during and after the rescue. With the violent and spontaneous outbreaks of storms in our area, the need for our services is greater than it’s ever been.

We gear up and head out as soon as the bad weather has passed and we can safely enter the area. We ARE NOT controlled by large organizations that pull the strings from a completely different state. That means we go and set up where we feel we can do the most good. We do, however, collaborate and partner with the local churches and organizations to provide a more uniform, productive, and wide-spread response. We cannot make it possible without the support of our communities and volunteers such as ourselves. We urge and welcome donations of in-date frozen foods that can be grilled or deep-fried. We also urge and welcome monetary donations, as this makes it easier to buy at the time of a disaster and we do not have to worry about food spoiling before it is used. We also have accounts established at food distributing companies so we get the food at-cost, or at considerable discounts.