Yellowleaf Ridge Estates HOA

Yellowleaf Ridge Estates HOA



 P.O. Box 573, Chelsea, AL 35043

Yellowleaf Ridge Estates has plenty to offer to family minded homeowners, and we have a voluntary homeowner association (HOA) to protect and safeguard their interests. Framed by rolling Appalachian foothills and lush hardwood/pine forests, our community has a great balance between nature and nurture. It’s a close-knit neighborhood, where our families can thrive, have a high quality of life and enjoy the outdoors. The HOA and its dedicated volunteer members work hard to protect those qualities, as well as the attractiveness and safety of our community and the financial investment in our homes.

Our Home Owner Association, a not-for-profit organization, has embarked on a very special and exciting project: transforming 14 acres of undeveloped land into a community park — Dogwood Creek Park, Chelsea, Alabama. We plan to develop this area into a place where people can enjoy the outdoors in a variety of ways. Our vision includes improvements in environmental quality and open space amenities as well as the creation of many new destinations and activities to explore. Walking, jogging, biking, picnicking, rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking … all just a few of the activities you could do at Dogwood Creek Park. Included is a small beach along Yellowleaf Creek, and enough nooks and crannies to sit and read, or watch local wildlife. One could sit on a park bench and watch our neighborhood kids play a game of touch football or throw Frisbees. Or have a birthday party under our pavilion. This is our Vision of Dogwood Creek Park.

As you can see, our Vision is very ambitious, and it will take the generous support of our neighbors and the business community to achieve it. Once a forgotten place littered and graffiti-ridden, Dogwood Creek Park is on the threshold of becoming a place where neighbors can come together, engage in healthy lifestyles, and become inspired. Please help us create an environmentally sound and beautiful legacy for our community.