Butler's Grooming Club

Butler's Grooming Club

Website: http://www.butlersgrooming.com

 (205) 323-4100

 129 Summit Boulevard Birmingham, Birmingham, AL 35243

Butler’s is unique in that we offer traditional barber shop services like haircuts, straight edged shaves, shoeshines and hot towel treatments as well as address the increasing demand for manicures, pedicures, waxing and massage. Our licensed staff is constantly learning the most up-to-date grooming methods and techniques using high-end products to provide each and every one of Butler’s clients with great service to match our unequalled southern hospitality. Saturdays by appointment for events such as groomsmen parties, executive outings, that special treat for the men in your life , club member events, etc.

Men have grooming needs that can only be properly and totally met in an environment truly dedicated to their specific concerns. Butler’s premium service determinedly targets what men need to make their appearance outstandingly complete to the last detail. You will be undeniably sharp, head to toe.

It’s luxury that we provide in our grooming clubs. But it goes beyond the rich appointments of the salon. Our unadulterated focus on making Butler’s the destination for men to relax, recharge, and refocus means that when you visit our salon you will feel well-taken care of. You will be prepared to conquer your day or your night. Your look and your senses refined, Butler’s will become as much your place as it is ours.