Virginia College in Birmingham

Virginia College in Birmingham



 488 Palisades Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35209

 Virginia College in Birmingham, Alabama, offers the benefits of small class sizes and flexible schedules, allowing you to earn the education you want at a time that’s most convenient for you. Financial planning is available for those who qualify and career placement and job assistance continues past graduation, continuing Virginia College in Birmingham’s commitment to our students’ futures!

Virginia College in Birmingham offers a wide variety of programs, resulting in both diplomas and associate degrees in such diverse fields as office or business management, computer technologies, health & medical, criminal justice, and interior design. The Virginia College in Birmingham campus also offers Bachelor’s degrees in several fields such as network management, interior design, or criminal justice and a masters degree (MBA) in Business Adminstration.

Virginia College specializes in providing the education and training demanded by a competitive job market, leading to exciting opportunities for graduates.