Inspire FItness

Inspire FItness



 2255 Highland Avenue South , Birmingham, AL 35205

 At Inspire Fitness, our philosophy centers around longevity, sustainability, and helping you become fit for life. Our philosophy stems from our owners’ experiences accumulated over a combined 45 years’ participation in fitness and athletics. We use time-tested, well-researched exercise science to help you formulate a plan to reach new levels of fitness and well-being and to continue building from there, in the long run. Our top priority is to keep you injury-free… after training with us, you’ll be better, stronger, and fitter rather than sidelined with injury.

When you join Inspire, you have the option of participating in Group Exercise classes based on well-established exercise science research. We offer Spinning®, Yoga, and Strength Training group classes that will take you to new levels of athletic prowess. But we don’t stop there – at Inspire, you have the option of enrolling in physical fitness assessments, behavior and well-being coaching, mind/body coaching, goal setting, and periodic re-assessments to ensure your physical fitness program encompasses every aspect of your self – mind, body, and spirit. At Inspire, we believe that fitness is comprised of much more than a strong and healthy body. That’s why we incorporate cutting-edge visualization, goal-setting, and mind/body techniques in our coaching strategies. And we are the first and only studio in the Birmingham area to offer this approach.

We believe in the athlete in everyone and not only do we believe it, we live it – we can show you how to take yourself there, mind and body, step by step. We won’t throw you into a workout plan – first, you’ll be provided an accurate picture of where you are now. From here, a Coach or Trainer will help you map out where you want to be. Then we’ll get down to work together to make it happen.