WE Community Gardens

WE Community Gardens

Website: http://urban-ministry.org/Programs/WECommunityGardens.aspx


 1229 Cotton Ave. SW, Birmingham, AL 35211

Our mission is growing food and growing community.

We believe that the way to a community’s heart is through its stomach. It is our vision to revitalize the West End community’s life blood, body, mind, and spirit, through the growing and sharing of naturally grown foods. Our programmatic approach has a threefold purpose

  1. Inspiration: Through the fundamental example of community gardens that are beautiful and bountiful.
  2. Education: We provide resources and information about sustainable gardening and natural food preparation to increase the health and well-being of a community overwhelmingly challenged by food insecurity and the lack of healthier food choices.
  3. Institutions: We are striving to create self-sustaining and holistic food institutions that can revitalize the economic landscape in a community that is otherwise a food desert.

What we do: WE Gardens trains and employs young men from the community, hosts quarterly community events and garden classes, and provides support for local community gardens.

We sell affordable produce at two local markets (Hemphill Elementary school and Princeton Baptist Medical Center), providing access to fresh, healthy food in a food desert.

Our creed

WE believe in giving…first
WE believe in excellence
WE believe in leading by example
WE believe in passing it on/paying it forward
WE believe in harmony with the earth and with people
WE believe in creating sustainable work and living a sustainable life
WE believe in laughter