L.I.F.E Fitness

L.I.F.E Fitness

Website: http://www.lifefitnessbham.com


 2686 Crowne Ridge Drive, Birmingham, AL 35243

L.I.F.E (Living in Fitness Everyday) Fitness was created from my passion for fitness, but more importantly, for my clients’ lives that I am fortunate enough to make a positive impact on each and every day. My goal is your goal, whatever that may be, and I tailor my client’s programs to their unique needs. While our training sessions are important, the relationship with my clients extend beyond the walls of a gym. So many times, we allow ourselves to be defined through only certain areas of our life. Our jobs, our families, and our hobbies are all parts to a whole. I aim to integrate all aspects of your life with a holistic approach. Training concepts can be applied to all areas of our lives. The reality is, we spend a small amount of time in the gym compared to the time spent outside in our day to day lives. When we apply the same character forming qualities learned from training into our everyday lives, we can truly see a new and fulfilling self. My success is defined by the victories my clients achieve, the obstacles my clients overcome, and ultimately the total change in self they realize. Let’s work together to reveal a new you and create a new chapter in your LIFE!