Corazon Flamenco

Corazon Flamenco



 517 Windsor Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209

Irene Rimer founded Corazon Flamenco in Birmingham, Alabama, in May of 2006.

Music is mathematics, and Flamenco with its rich mix of Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Romani background influenced by the Mozarabic rite, is the best example of it. As the number 12 is the number of completion of a spiral in the measure of time, so is our basic Compas in Flamenco based on a 12-beat count, and divided in halves, fourths, and thirds to perform different rhythms.

Ms. Rimer advocates the acquisition of rhythmic precision in order to achive alignment with the universal law of rhythm from which all can benefit in all areas of life.

The group’s goal is the entertainment and education of audiences in the art and culture of Flamenco, the art of the gypsies, by offering an annual professional performance with guest musicians from surrounding areas and from Spain at a variety of venues, offering lectures on the origins and roots of Flamenco focusing on schools and universities, teaching dance workshops that include the different rythms of Flamenco, and teaching regular classes for all levels.