The Flatwater Foundation

The Flatwater Foundation


 3026 Panorama Brook Circle, Birmingham, AL 35216

The Flatwater Foundation is an Austin-based non-profit dedicated to providing those in the community diagnosed with cancer, as well as their families and loved ones, access to therapy and physical activities to improve their mental health.

The Foundation’s integrated approach combines access to traditional methods of psychological counseling, in combination with mental wellness provided by physical activity in the forms of yoga, meditation, group exercise and personal training for Austin families impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

With your support, our Foundation can continue to provide access to those who need help throughout the community. Our referring partners, like The LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center, identify families and individuals in need and provide The Flatwater Foundation with the necessary information to get them into proper care. To learn more, watch the video below or visit our PARTNERSHIP page, this is a great place to begin your journey!