Live to INSPIRE Vocal Coaching

Live to INSPIRE Vocal Coaching

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 TALENT OR HIDDEN POTENTIAL! Our goal at Live to INSPIRE Vocal Coaching is to cultivate and polish the natural ability and skills your child already has.

Whether the goal is to win the lead in the school musical or benefit from the self -confidence singing provides let us help!

As a Vocal and stage coach for Artportunity knocks and Tameka Raymonds Kile’s World Performing Arts Camp. I have Extensive training and experience in music, voice, stage, and working with children. With my experience ranging from Opera, R&B, Gospel, and Pop. As well as working with children to bring their innate talents to center stage. My goal is to help my students gain confidence in their gift. The confidence they gain in their gift will translate over to confidence and boldness in so many other areas in their life!


  • How the voice works: diaphragm, vocal chords, chest voice, head voice
  • preparing your body: relaxation, posture, learn how to control your breathing
  • Pronunciation: vowel sounds and consonants, diction, vocal exercises, lips and tongue exercises
  • Projection: volume, control, emotional dynamics
  • Performance skills: know your audience, interpretation, microphone technique, rhythm
  • Overcoming stage fright: relaxation skills, being prepared, developing confidence
  • Audition prep

Why Me?

  • My prices are competitive
  • Packages are customized to meet the needs of each individual student
  • I Specialize in vocal and stage development of children (6-17)
  • Flexible schedule

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