Empowered To Overcome Women's Ministry

Empowered To Overcome Women's Ministry

Website: http://www.empoweredtoovercome.org


 PO Box 2053, Birmingham, AL 35201

To “Empower” every woman from the time women drive into the parking lot to the benediction at the end of each class, session, workshop and/or conference, to know that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think. IF we just seek Him with our whole heart and use the power HE has placed in each of us, which is HIS Holy Spirit.

Purpose of Empowered To Overcome Women’s Ministry
The overall purpose of Empowered To Overcome Women’s Ministry is to help women live a life knowing and understanding that God will allow NOTHING to pursue you, that HE has not already empowered you to overcome. About the Ministry Leader, Kimberly M. Speights Under the direction of the Holy Spirit and her Pastor Rev. Rodney Standfield, she will teach physically, emotionally and sexually abused women how to overcome the trap of the enemy, using the Holy Spirit, a renewed mindset and the word of God as guides. Using her past of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, having turned to pleasing the lustful desires of her flesh and surrendering her mind to the ways of the world, she will use the steps God gave her to help her heal and restore the seat of authority of her life back to it’s original owner… GOD.