Chic Made Simple

Chic Made Simple


 P.O. Box 430035, Birmingham, AL 35243

Always seeming to be the go-to girl for friends with style questions, in the year 2000 I made doling out fashion advice a full-time endeavor, and ChicMadeSimple was born.

What I offer is a fresh approach to traditional fashion consulting that especially caters to what I believe is an underserved group: style conscious yet budget-savvy and time-constrained individuals. Although these individuals may realize the importance of having a look that reflects their lifestyle and thus bolsters confidence, they most likely do not seek assistance, concerned that it would be cost-prohibitive or tedious. Because I believe our outward appearance is a palette on which we paint our individuality, I feel we owe it to ourselves to develop a personal style that makes sense for the way we live, and most important, makes us feel good – not because it is en vogue.

I consider myself a seer of sorts – a “style swami” if you will – helping individuals discover and express their own personal style. For those clients who tell me, “I have no style” – nonsense! Everyone has a sense of what they like and don’t like – putting it all together equals personal style. My goal is to help clients interpret these preferences and educate them on key style principles so that they can make better decisions regarding that age-old question, “What to wear?”

Style services include: Closet Revamps, Personal Shopping, Business Seminars, Photo Styling (editorial, commercial & personal), Bridal Consulting, At Home Gatherings, Fashion Camp for Kids