Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice

Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice



 410 North Hull Street, Montgomery, AL 36104

Who We Are
ACIJ is a network of individuals and organizations dedicated to ensuring the social, legal, and civil rights of immigrants in Alabama.  Our members work to benefit and promote justice for all the people of Alabama.

ACIJ was founded in 2006 to defend immigrants’ rights in the wake of an increase in anti-immigrant legislation being proposed at local and state levels.  ACIJ fought local ordinances and state laws, and served as a legal resource for immigrant communities across the state.  Galvanized by the 2011 passage of HB 56, Alabama’s “worst in the nation” anti-immigrant law, ACIJ has grown into a nationally recognized coalition with eleven individuals and organizations serving on its Steering Committee, over 30 organized member communities, and thousands of individual members.

What We Do
ACIJ is working to protect and promote civil and human rights in Alabama by exposing rights violations, educating the public and the media, supporting leadership development in immigrant communities, strengthening alliances with communities of faith and concerned citizens, and fighting anti-immigrant legislation.

Steering Committee Members and Organizations
The ACIJ Steering Committee is charged with carrying out the Coalition’s mission and consists of eleven Alabama-based civil rights and social justice organizations, and individual at-large community members.