Women Survivors Alliance

Women Survivors Alliance

Website: http://www.womensurvivorsalliance.org


 PO Box 222, TN 37024

The Women Survivors Alliance has undertaken a national call to action to address the burdens of survivorship issues on women, their families, and by extension, society as a whole. It is 501(c)3 organization created BY women survivors FOR women survivors, providing Three Ribbons of Support:

The First Ribbon (www.SURVIVORville.org) is SURVIVORville. Held in Nashville, TN, this event brings together women survivors of all ages, all stages and all cancers. Education, motivation and life application are the focus, with celebrities and medical experts from all areas of survivorship! And since it’s Nashville, there’s gotta be music!
The Second Ribbon of support is the WSA digital magazine NOU, for women survivors living a NEW+YOU life after cancer (www.NOUMagazine.org). A comprehensive resource, its dynamic content includes articles on nutrition, exercise, finances, sexuality, health, a book club, a directory of cancer and survivorship organizations across the internet, and more.
The Third Ribbon (www.Survivors2ndAct.org) We believe helping is healing, and encourage women to tell their stories – either written or read before an audience – of using their gifts of time and experience to help other women on their cancer journeys. So we created My 2nd Act, a ever-growing collection of survivor essays, and My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage, a professionally produced stage/tv show featuring women sharing their stories of their life after cancer! The result of both of these platforms is celebratory, inspiring, and empowering for all.
The Women Survivors Alliance is honored to work along side its partner corporations and organizations to help women achieve true survivorship, and a fulfilling, promising, and cancer-free life!