Yoni Steam and Ile Ase Ewelere Spiritual Wellness Center

Yoni Steam and Ile Ase Ewelere Spiritual Wellness Center

History & Heritage - Traditional Arts

Website: http://www.yonisteaminstitute.com


 4928 Avenue O, Birmingham, AL 35208

Olosunde and Akintunde Ajala are compassionate teachers and champion contributors to traditional Africa spirituality and womb wellness.  Olosunde has created several healing modalities to address the needs of women and families including the Yoni Steam, Womb Wrap Detox, Womb Reiki and Couples Reiki.  She has learned from various institutions, scholars, teachers, activists and healers.  She has studied and learned from Marimba Ani at an early age, Dr. Llaila Afrika of African Holistic Health, Dr. Akua Gray of a Life of Peace, Kaia UniverSoul for her Reiki knowlege, Dr. Rkhty Amen an Egyptologist, Linguist and Priestess,  and many more.  She received her Bachelors in “Womb” Sociology, is a Certified Holistic Health Consultant, received her Masters in Social Work with a focus on Women and Children, She is a New Usui Reiki Practitioner and has been a Community Activist her entire life. Akintunde Sangosakin Ajala is a professional practitioner of Traditional IFA and Orisa worship with over 17 years of training and experience from Osogbo, Nigeria.  Baba Ṣàngóṣakin, received IFA Initiation when he was 15 years old and a few years later, he initiated to SANGO and since then, Baba Ṣàngóṣakin has been practicing Orisa religion as Babalawo (IFA priest) and Babalorisa and has been in lineage of Sango since he was born.  Baba Sangosakin’s father, Sangodare Gbadegesin Ajala is the head of all Sango priest and priestess in Osogbo and a famous batik artist in Nigeria and around the world.  Baba Ṣàngóṣakin provides divination using various items, such as: Ikin(Palm nut seed), Opele(Ifa chain) and Erindinlogun(Cowries).