Birmingham Improv Theatre

Birmingham Improv Theatre

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 2208 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

Birmingham’s First and Only Improv Comedy Theatre

Birmingham Improv Theatre (or the BIT as it is famously-known) has been a dream of the Positively Funny Improv team for several years. This dream consisted of a true home in Birmingham for all things comedy. Until now there were no theaters in Birmingham solely dedicated to Improv comedy. This comedy house will focus on Improv comedy, but also serve as a home for sketch, stand-up, musical, and play comedy productions.

The BIT also so serves as home for comedy instruction having the space for Improv, stand-up, comedy writing and comedy film classes. Our instructors have been teaching comedy in Birmingham for almost 10 years (that’s 70 years to all our dogs out there). Hundreds of students have learned the ancient arts of comedy in the Birmingham area in such places as bars, elementary schools, dance theaters, and garages. Great as they were, we feel it’s time to give Birmingham comedy education a permanent home.

Our Offerings

The Birmingham Improv Theatre offers regular comedy entertainment 3 nights a week to local residents and the guests that occupy the over 9,100 hotel rooms in the Birmingham city limits. We provide entertainment options for the people who come into town for our many conventions and trade-shows. We also draw visitors from other cities in the area that enjoy high quality, professional comedy entertainment. Most importantly, we finally give Birmingham residents their own home for Improv and Sketch Comedy. The people of Birmingham have shown love and support for Improv Comedy that rivals any city in the Southeast. We believe it is time to reward them with their own Improv theatre.

A Creative Incubator


The Birmingham Improv Theatre is so much more than an entertainment venue, though that it is an important part of it.  We are also a creative incubator for locals as well as people from across the nation.  Under our roof you will find professional comedic actors, professional writers, as well as a host of extremely talented and creative minds eager to share their talents.  Our summer artist-in-residence  programs will provide a chance for students from across the state and the nation to work alongside professionals to develop their Improvisational and acting talents, as well as their comedy writing talents.