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Owner, Fowler Davis, LLC and Fowler Davis Entertainment, Birmingham, Alabama, 2016-present. Barbara is the co-owner and Executive Producer of a film production, media and advertising company. They produce TV commercial campaigns, corporate videos, HR/training videos, awareness, branding and communications, web site and mobile apps, along with family-oriented and faith-based TV shows, movies and documentaries that make a difference in the lives of others. Barbara is adept in gathering and organizing information and is proficient with the writing and editing process of scripts. She possesses strong communication and interpersonal skills and can handle all the needs of the production crew comfortably and resolve any actor’s concerns. She has worked with numerous celebrities and is experienced in keeping everyone on time and on budget. Barbara is resourceful and innovative, producing inspiring work, from projects with little resources and small budgets to multi-million projects involving hundreds of cast and crew. Fowler Davis is dedicated to collaborating, creating and maintaining strong relationships and approaches each opportunity with a clear vision and perspective for the success of each project.

Co-Founder, Birmingham Faith in Film Breakfast Club, February 2018 to present. Barbara Fowler is a Co-Founder of the Birmingham Faith in Film Breakfast Club (BFIFBC), organized February 1, 2018 in an effort to provide valuable information to the greater Birmingham faith in film community. BFIFBC was established as a group for those who work in the central Alabama film industry and have a heart for faith-based films to discuss news, ideas, trends and upcoming projects. The mission of BFIFBC is to facilitate the development and distribution of faith-based projects designed for theatrical, television, video and/or digital release, either shot in the Birmingham region or created by Birmingham-based filmmakers, thereby building the economic and creative infrastructures of the BFIFBC community. This group was inducted into the national Faith in Film Breakfast Clubs in December 2018, joining Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Nashville clubs. They are now known as the Birmingham Faith in Film Breakfast Club and are fifth in the nation for Faith in Film Breakfast Clubs. They currently have 163 members in all aspects of film production and meet monthly.

Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Hidden Gem Films, July 2018 to present.  Barbara is a dynamic, creative producer and executive producer, with the ability to envision the genesis of a creative idea and manage conceptual projects successfully from beginning to end. Barbara has extensive knowledge of TV commercial, video and film production and is proficient with the latest web and digital technologies. She has produced thousands of TV commercial campaigns and corporate videos. Barbara has extensive knowledge and ability to perform any aspect of film production from creative concept, location scouting, casting to final editing and delivery. Recent deliverables include a documentary on transportation issues for those with disabilities and a short film on human trafficking. Fowler Davis Entertainment has produced several documentaries and is currently in development of other film projects and educational video curriculum. Her love of storytelling, revealing truth and sharing stories that engage audiences and bring stories to life is why she created Hidden Gem Films. With extensive knowledge in the anti-trafficking movement, Barbara is a passionate and caring advocate to give her voice to spread awareness and education, thus leading to empowerment and prevention of human trafficking.