Naked Art Gallery

Naked Art Gallery


 (205) 595-3553

 3831 Clairmont Ave , Birmingham, AL 35222

Naked Art is not your typical gallery. Its colorful walls and its fun and unique approach to art has caught the attention of many publications, including the cable channel Turner South and the national travel guide, "Eccentric America". Naked Art was awarded "Best of The Road" by the Rand McNally Atlas US and Canada 2006 edition, and even made it in the New York Times as one of the places to visit when in Birmingham. Naked Art is a gallery accessible to everybody, it focuses on functional art – i.e. art that serves more than an aesthetic purpose – but also shows wall pieces by untraditional artists. The name "Naked Art" was chosen because we want you to understand and appreciate all of the artists’ work with the "naked eye", without intimidating, "hi-brow" hidden meanings. We simply want everyone to feel good about being here and to just enjoy the gallery’s vibrancy. We also make a real effort to keep the prices reasonable because we strongly feel that art should be within everyone’s reach. It’s such a wonderful feeling to take a piece home knowing that it’s one of a kind!

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Naked Art Gallery

3831 Clairmont Ave

Birmingham, AL 35222