Just Dance Studio

Just Dance Studio

Website: http://www.justdanceal.com/

 205 616-6927

 3644 Vann Road, Suite 124, Trussville, AL 35235

Just Dance is an exercise studio that was created with YOU in mind. No matter your age, dance experience, body weight, gender, or race- there is a class for you. Dance is an important type of exericise. There is a class designed for everyone.

Just Dance is dedicated to bringing quality and affordable dance classes to Trussville, AL and surrounding cities. There is a very active and dedicated fitness environment already located in Trussville for adults seeking weight loss through weight and equipment training. Furthermore there are dance studios for minor children. However, there has never been an actual dance studio offering a variety of specialized dance classes, where active adults can expand their knowledge of dance and enjoy being with other people of like interests to loose weight, relieve stress, or just have fun!

The Studio is beautiful. It is trendy, relaxing, and quiet. Unlike other fitness centers or YMCA’s, each class has its own dedicated time that is free from interruptions from outsiders. The vibe you experience from the environment alone will take your spirit and mood to a higher level.

Our dance teachers are experienced, qualified, and educated. We have performed in front of stadiums of people. We have judged competitions, we have auditioned for professional teams, we have made the teams.

Location Info

Just Dance Studio

3644 Vann Road

Trussville, AL 35235