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Membership Information

Your Library Card
Your library card may be used at any public library in Jefferson County. Please take care of your library card-treat it like a credit card. You are responsible for any materials borrowed on your card, whether by you or by someone else. If you lose your card or change your name, address, or phone number, please notify your library immediately. There is a $3.00 charge for a replacement card.

Books are checked out for a three-week period. Audio books (cassettes and CDs) and circulating magazines are also checked out for three weeks. Video tapes and DVDs are currently checked out for 7 days. Many items may be renewed once over the phone (or online) and once in person. The exceptions are popular items and others that are on hold. To renew items, you may call the renewal number, (205) 226-3690 or your local library. You may also renew your books online at You must have your library card number to renew any items. Call your local library if you have additional questions.

Any items from Trussville Library may be returned to any library in Jefferson County.
Trussville Library has an outside drop for audio tapes, CDs, video tapes and DVDs. Items returned the night before they are due but after the library has closed will be back-dated to indicate that the items were returned in time.

Late Charges/Fees
You will receive an overdue notice by e-mail, telephone, or regular mail when books or other materials are not returned on time. If the late charges are not paid, you will be billed a replacement cost for the item. For more information on late charges, please call the library from which the items belong.

Books and audio tapes are $.15 per day overdue and video tapes are $1.00 per day overdue.
Please contact the Trussville Library at 655-2022 for more specific information, such as borrowing books from other libraries, or locating other materials. Also, these guidelines apply to Trussville Library and may differ at other libraries in Jefferson County.

Many items from other Jefferson County libraries may be returned to Trussville Library. To be sure which items may be returned, contact the specific library. At this time, books checked out from any Jefferson County public library may be returned to any Jefferson County public library. Media items, such as CDs, or DVDs, may be the exception, depending on the particular library.

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Trussville Public Library

201 Parkway Drive

Trussville, AL 35173