Warrior–Evelyn Thornton Public Library

Warrior–Evelyn Thornton Public Library


Website: http://warrior.lib.al.us/

 (205) 647-3006

 10 First Street East, Warrior, AL 35180

 The exact date that library began in Warrior is not known, but some form of a library has been in Warrior since 1935. At that, time a collection of books was kept in the home of Bessy Caldwell. In the early 50’s the library was housed in a room in City Hall.
The Florence Moss Study Club members volunteered their time to keep the library open in the early years (no exact date known). Then in 1957 Mrs. Evelyn Thornton became the librarian and much of her time was volunteered.

On February 2, 1976, the City Council of Warrior established a Library Board of Trustees and the library became eligible for State Aid. At that time the library was housed in the old City Hall building, which is located on Louisa Street.

September 1978, when the Jefferson County Library Cooperative was established Warrior was one of the municipal libraries that made up the Cooperative.

June 1983 the current building was dedicated and in December of the same year Mrs. Thornton retired after 26 years of service to our community. The city Council renamed the library after Mrs. Thornton shortly afterward and the library became THE EVELYN THORNTON-WARRIOR PUBLIC LIBRARY.

This library has come a long way and looks forward to future improvements. It shares a computer circulation system with the Cooperative and its library catalog is also on the computer to better serve its public. It has an excellent popular reading and reference collection, and it now offers computer research with periodical indexes and internet research. It also has computers for public use with games for children and programs for adults, thanks to the Gates Foundation Grant.

Although this library is small in size, it made the Two Star rating on the State’s Plan of Excellence. The staff likes to say "what we lack in size we make up in effort and will power". The library’s motto is "Learning never stops, Education is the Key and Libraries are the Doors". Use them.

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Warrior–Evelyn Thornton Public Library

10 First Street East

Warrior, AL 35180