Vestavia Hills Country Club

Vestavia Hills Country Club

Golf Club



 400 Beaumont Drive, Birmingham, AL 35216

Vestavia Country Club, nestled in the mountains of Vestavia Hills, spans over a 340 acre area. In the late 1940’s the original plans for VCC started with a riding club called Vestavia Hills Riding Club. It was eventually decided that a country club would better suit the needs of the people of Vestavia and the name was changed to Vestavia Country Club.

Construction began on the club the latter part of 1948 and it was opened to membership on June 12, 1950. From its inception, Vestavia Country Club has endeavored to offer to its members a friendly, family oriented atmosphere and to promote the kind feelings and culture of its members. It has been successful in this endeavor and has been a credit to Birmingham and the South.

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Vestavia Hills Country Club

400 Beaumont Drive

Birmingham, AL 35216