Boogie Bottoms

Boogie Bottoms


 324 Sherbert Rd, Cleveland, AL 35049

 Today in this hustle and bustle world, we have a tendency to forget what really makes a
difference in life. We watch re-runs of Mayberry and Waltons just to be reminded of the
“good times.” The life when time was spent with your children, spouses and
family……quality time together. Today, we see far too much sadness in families. That
sadness is a result of not spending quality time with our families….not listening….not
communicating….not caring. Perhaps it is just simply being wrapped up in the “me” when it
should be the “we”. This is a story about a precious family in the heart of Blount County
that is a perfect example of what the true meaning of family.

The Boatright-Branham family (Team B&B) of Locust Fork became a “team” back in 1980. It
is a classic story of the “Hers + His = Ours”. As a result of an unexpected death, Mrs.
Boatright (now known as “Granny”) was left as a single mom raising 4 little boys. And, Mr.
Branham (now known as “Pops”) was divorced with one little son. Granny and Pops
combined their two families, thus became what is now known as Team B&B. It took a lot of
hard work and dedication to keep the all of those boys on track and focused. This family
had to work hard to survive financially as well. The success of this combined family is
“togetherness.” They all still to this day, the family works and plays together.

Back in 1988, the family purchased a small piece of land with an old barn on it. Granny,
being a Halloween connoisseur, had the great idea of using that old barn for a haunted
house…..resulting in the name “Barns of Horror.” For the past 23 years, Team B & B
Family has been spooks for the month of October. It is so much fun to be a spook that
some of their friends and neighbors pitch in and help. Barns of Horror have been scaring
generations of good clean family entertainment – Voted One of the Most Entertaining and
Scariest Haunted Houses in the state.

So in 2009, the family decided to expand the entertainment business. On the family farm,
they built a fully equipment Music Stage and Dance Area, Modern Concession Stand,
Children’s Playground Area, Large Restrooms and Bathhouse, 3-story Barns of Horror and
Drive-In Movie. Also, Cabin and Primitive Campsite Rental all located on the Banks of the
Locust Fork River.

On April 4, 2009, Boogie Bottoms opened for its Premier Event on Saturday, with a Crawfish
Festival. This event will include Arts & Crafts, Shadetree Pickers, Local Bands and of
course, Fresh Crawfish straight from Louisiana….. A True Family-Friendly Environment.

The Drive-In Movie Kick-Offed later…May 2009. Great Family-Friendly environment to
enjoy a relaxing time….eat good food….watch a good movie(s). The venue features nice
clean modern restrooms and concession stand. All food is freshly cooked with care for your
enjoyment. We feature combo menus that with compare to any resturant around.

Later in October 2009, we continued the BARNS OF HORROR…..only Bigger and Better.

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Boogie Bottoms

324 Sherbert Rd

Cleveland, AL 35049