36B Church St., Mountain Brook , AL 35213

 Techniq is owned and operated by g8four a research-based learning design, and technology firm located in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Our innovative work includes initiatives to support teacher facilitation of inquiry based science, a sustainable mentoring model for increasing participation in STEM careers, multiple projects integrating computing into classrooms, and technology to support emotional understanding. g8four emerged from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a cross-section of talent from the Department of Biology, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and the Media Lab’s Affective Computing, Future of Learning, and the Lifelong Kindergarten Groups.

Since 2007 g8four has continued to push the boundaries of traditional approaches to facilitating learning by constantly inventing, and reinventing how human potential can be unlocked through innovative, technology-infused learning environments, programs, and products.

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36B Church St.

Mountain Brook , AL 35213